Team Jestion

..has been on the forefront of pushing Freerunning films to the next level.


The team was founded in 2013 when, after giving life to several projects and have had many experiences together, it was necessary to build something that really represents us, and able to make a difference in the world of Parkour. Travel, explore, this is the desire that, in a single year, has made us live unforgettable experiences in Morocco, Spain, reaching the borders of Asia, in Malaysia. This allowed us to get in touch and deal with cultures totally different from ours, but also to meet whole Parkour communities, with whom share our passion for this discipline. Then, telling our adventures with professional-quality content, we have inspired tons of people, creating a real style that sets us apart and makes our name unique.
Gian Marco Oddo
David Fanelli
Massimiliano Takacs
Luigi Lorenzi

Dimitris DK Kyrsanidis

Redbull athletes

DK is professional Freerunner from Thessaloniki, Greece. Born in 1995 he started trying every kind of sport since he was little when he found out about Parkour and Freerunning in July 2007. His life changed and now he is a 2 time World Champion having titles such as Red Bull Art Of Motion Santorini (GREECE) 2014-15, Apex Internation (USA) 2016, Union Freerunning Contest (AUSTRIA) Krap European Contest 2014 (ITALY) and many more. He is now sponsored by 4 big companies such as Red Bull, Tempest Freerunning, Vodafone CU, Huawei.