The entire film will take place where the athletes live; there will be a focus on each of them so as to show who they are, their habits and how they train out. In this way the spectators will be put into contact with their protagonists. The aim of their training is that of running away from the loneliness, from the society that oppresses man and that doesn’t allow them to express one’s being. Nature is going to be an essential part of this film.

We chose Dolomites as location for a great-big final, because they’re an Italian heritage that has to be known always more around the world. It was not by chance that the famous architect Le Corbusier defined them “the most beautiful architectural work in the world”. In the final part of this film we’ll see the athletes doing parkour in a primitive way. The most suggestive locations of the dolomites will be the setting of these acrobatics. At the same time of the shooting of Parkour we’ll film also the uncontaminated nature through the use of aerial photography. This kind of shooting will enable us to catch natural details and the timelapse day to night will show how this place is fascinating both day and night.